Why Startups Should Choose Flutter For Cross Platform App Development?

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why startups should choose flutter for cross platform app development

In recent times, Flutter App Development has continuously been coming up as one of the leading cross-platforms in the tech world. There is no doubt that Flutter has taken the digital world by the storm.

But the question remains that “Can Flutter App Development benefit not only enterprises but startups as well? What percentage of startups become successful?”

Only 1 in 10 survive in the long run. So, what are the things hindering them to reach on top?

The most important thing is that Appreneurs should choose the best fit technology. It has to be cost-effective as well as constantly evolving with market needs.

While there are many cross-platform development of apps including Xamarin developed by Microsoft, and React Native developed by Facebook, etc. Why should you choose Flutter for cross platform app development?

In this article, we will discuss everything about Flutter and Cross-Platform Mobile App Development!

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What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is Google’s software development kit (SDK) for mobile apps. With Flutter, by using Dart programming language, developers can build native like apps.

In our experience to date, Flutter app development has already proven its importance in developing native-looking apps on Android and iOS.

Although it is in the nascent stage, Tencent and Alibaba have already embraced the technology. In addition, Flutter has already proven its importance because of being used by Google in the app called ‘Google Ads’.

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin

Presently, Flutter is emerging as strong competitors for the Xamarin and React Native.

Flutter — Pros and Cons for Business

Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of Flutter app development!

Top 5 Flutter Benefits For App Development

Flutter has many key benefits that attract mobile app developers as well as business owners.

1. Less Coding

Simpler and easier to understand, Flutter does not need to code an entirely new programme if any changes are made.

Moreover, the open source of Flutter make it available for better research and development for any purpose.

Because of not depending on JavaScript codebase, it operates on both iOS & Android smoothly. As the result, in terms of functionality, features and UI/UX, Flutter cross-platform apps are competitive enough with native apps.

2. Lower Testing Time

Apps that are developed using Flutter are equally effective on both Android and iOS platforms. Hence, instead of testing apps in two individuals frameworks, QA experts have to test only one version of the application.

3. Faster Time To Market

Besides, Flutter has easily customizable, extensible and fast widgets. As compared to its native app, entrepreneurs can launch the app a lot faster in the market.

Flutter significantly reduced the time we needed to develop new features from one month down to two weeks.

Bruce Chen — Senior Development Engineer, Alibaba

4. Low App Development Cost

Using hot reload, without restarting the app, developers can perceive any change that is made to the code in real time.

We found the Flutter development experience to be superior, with better hot reload capabilities, very strong official documentation, and a more stable API.

Alexandre Freire — Engineering Manager, Nubank

Since App development using Flutter gets with low development and testing effort, the cost of app development will lower.

5. Perfect for MVP

Being an MVP, it’s not only a comprehensive solution, it also targeted at a small group of users.

For example, if your companies need to showcase your products to investors in a short time, Flutter app development can serve the purpose. An MVP will help them have a better idea on the final look. At the same time, you don’t have to waste time on developing apps for two different platforms.

Why Startups Should Go For Cross-platform App Development?

Let’s take a dip dive into the reasons why your business needs cross-platform in 2020 and beyond!

  • Fewer Development Effort — The cross-platform apps require less effort when comparing with native apps. Because developers can use single code and reuse it on multiple platforms. Hence, the apps will be developed faster.
  • Less Time In Testing — You don’t need to have separate quality analysts for each platform or multiple devices to check the app. Instead of two versions for Android and iOS, they have to test only one version of the app.
  • Faster Development — What’s more? If you want to customize the app, it is easy for the developers to modify the minor changes in a single code.
  • Plugins Are Easily Accessible — With cross-platform app development, accessing wide range of plugins make the app development process is much better and smoother.
  • Less Development Cost — As a result of all the above advantages, cross platform app development reduce time to market. On the other hand, the cross-platform apps can run on both Android and iOS alike.

Even cross-platform app development has disadvantages including tool restriction, slower operation, etc.

But then, because of rapid app development and less development cost, it still one of the best choice for startups and SMEs.

Why Startups Should Consider Flutter App Development?

Here are the few reasons to choose Flutter for startup mobile app.

Powerful Design Experience

How to design a powerful UI/UX for apps?

  • Flutter is packed with customized widgets for both iOS and Android. Flutter widgets is not only used for views but also for the entire screen and even for the app itself.
  • Moreover, the combination between Flutter and Material Design helps in creating a smooth and crisp app without any trouble, leaving users with amazing experience.

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Integrated with Firebase

  • We all know that Firebase, backed by Google, provides a collection of services such as cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, and much more.
  • With the adoption of Flutter app development, startups don’t need time to invest time and resources on backend development.

Better Developers’ Productivity

  • One of the most prominent benefits that developers can see the effect of a change in code happening in real time.
  • Flutter removes the need to recompile, which lead to better time management and efficient resource utility by developers.

As a result, Flutter is likely to bridge the gap between the native app development and cross-platform development with perfection. Using the native UI elements of both Android and iOS, Flutter app development is a code that creates a powerful native experience.

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In a nutshell,

  • Flutter is open source.
  • Apps developed in Flutter don’t take much time to build.
  • Flutter app development cost will be lower compared to native development for two platforms.
  • Flutter lets programmers use a single codebase, unify their teams, reduce risk, and speed time to market.
  • It also gets the benefits of native look and performance.

Who Are Using Flutter?

Do you know which is the best way to understand the benefits of Flutter app development?

Yes. This is finding out top app build with Flutter. Below are Flutter examples from startups and the big behemoth for mobile app development.

app built with flutter


Flutter is being used at the Google in Google Ads and Google GreenTree apps. Maybe you might not know, Google is also developing operating system named Fuchsia. Although the power of Fuchsia isn’t revealed to the world, we do know that it would rely heavily on Flutter.


Alibaba started using Flutter for Xianyu, which has 50+ millions of users. By empowering Flutter, the Xianyu app delivered great experience for iOS as well as Android.

Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development: To use or not to use?

You’ve known all the aspects of Flutter app development. Now, it’s time to make decision.

  • If you are looking for cross-platform mobile app development framework, then Flutter is the right option for you.
  • But make sure to hire skilled flutter app developers to make sure not to waste your time and money.

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