Why Startups Should Choose Flutter For Cross Platform App Development?

why startups should choose flutter for cross platform app development

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin

Flutter — Pros and Cons for Business

Top 5 Flutter Benefits For App Development

1. Less Coding

2. Lower Testing Time

3. Faster Time To Market

4. Low App Development Cost

We found the Flutter development experience to be superior, with better hot reload capabilities, very strong official documentation, and a more stable API.

5. Perfect for MVP

Why Startups Should Go For Cross-platform App Development?

  • Fewer Development Effort — The cross-platform apps require less effort when comparing with native apps. Because developers can use single code and reuse it on multiple platforms. Hence, the apps will be developed faster.
  • Less Time In Testing — You don’t need to have separate quality analysts for each platform or multiple devices to check the app. Instead of two versions for Android and iOS, they have to test only one version of the app.
  • Faster Development — What’s more? If you want to customize the app, it is easy for the developers to modify the minor changes in a single code.
  • Plugins Are Easily Accessible — With cross-platform app development, accessing wide range of plugins make the app development process is much better and smoother.
  • Less Development Cost — As a result of all the above advantages, cross platform app development reduce time to market. On the other hand, the cross-platform apps can run on both Android and iOS alike.

Why Startups Should Consider Flutter App Development?

Powerful Design Experience

  • Flutter is packed with customized widgets for both iOS and Android. Flutter widgets is not only used for views but also for the entire screen and even for the app itself.
  • Moreover, the combination between Flutter and Material Design helps in creating a smooth and crisp app without any trouble, leaving users with amazing experience.

Integrated with Firebase

  • We all know that Firebase, backed by Google, provides a collection of services such as cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, hosting, and much more.
  • With the adoption of Flutter app development, startups don’t need time to invest time and resources on backend development.

Better Developers’ Productivity

  • One of the most prominent benefits that developers can see the effect of a change in code happening in real time.
  • Flutter removes the need to recompile, which lead to better time management and efficient resource utility by developers.
  • Flutter is open source.
  • Apps developed in Flutter don’t take much time to build.
  • Flutter app development cost will be lower compared to native development for two platforms.
  • Flutter lets programmers use a single codebase, unify their teams, reduce risk, and speed time to market.
  • It also gets the benefits of native look and performance.

Who Are Using Flutter?

app built with flutter



Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development: To use or not to use?

  • If you are looking for cross-platform mobile app development framework, then Flutter is the right option for you.
  • But make sure to hire skilled flutter app developers to make sure not to waste your time and money.



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