Top Fleet Management Software: Pricing, Features & Comparison 2020

top fleet management software for small business in 2020 review and comparison

What Is Fleet Management Software?

how fleet management works

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management Software?

Why fleet management is so important?

why fleet management is important for business

1. Cost reduction

  • Real-time data on fuel consumption.
  • Scheduled maintenance reports.
  • Setting the maintenance schedule.
  • Planning routes for drivers.

2. Ensuring driver safety

3. Increasing productivity

4. Better customer satisfaction

5. Improving vehicle maintenance

  • Fewer breakdowns and driver downtime caused by breakdowns, jumpstarts, and emergency repairs.
  • Identify potential problem areas that may need adjusting in the maintenance schedule.
  • Reduce future repair costs and increase vehicle resale price in the future.

Top 5 Fleet Management Software In 2020

1. Verizon Connect

  • The interface is clean and easy to use.
  • Ability to communicate with the drivers to correct any issues or relay information.
  • Variety of reports that are available to make sure maintenance is needed or not.
  • Let your customers know where your drivers are and track how long they have been working.

2. Fleetio

  • Ease to use and set up.
  • At a glance, users can look at overall service and fuel costs.
  • Fleetio’s mobile version also allows inspectors to pass or fail a vehicle depending on what they think of the condition.
  • Especially, if you want to keep track of information provided by numerous shops, Fleetio automates parts and inventory schedules.

3. MyGeotab

  • An intuitive and exceptional resource for businesses of all sizes.
  • Customers can manage work orders, parts, and tires on their vehicles.
  • Keep track vehicles n top conditions like accidents, tools, mileage, and maintenance.
  • My Geotab is available in seven languages, that can manage both local and international.

4. GPS Insight

  • See where your vehicles are in real-time, intelligently dispatch and optimize your fleet.
  • Monitor and coach driver behavior to increase fleet safety and mitigate risk.
  • Increase uptime and reduce costs with real-time vehicle diagnostics.
  • Prevent maintenance cost by scheduling with alerts.

5. Track360

  • Track in real time — Everything is accessed over the web and mobile app.
  • Daily route maps — View all the journeys and routes taken on a day.
  • Live alert notifications — Be alerted to just the events you consider important.
  • Create geo-fences — Complete control and protect your assets and business.
  • Driver behavior — See speeding, harsh acceleration & braking, sharp turn, unnecessary idling, etc.
  • Reports & analytics — Data-rich reports generate analytics to help save you time and money.



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