Top Emerging Asian Countries For Outsourcing In 2020


Filipino culture is a blend of Western and traditional Filipino culture, which makes it easy to adapt to different cultures. Filipinos are still partly affected by the Western lifestyles and cultures from the past colonization. What’s more, Filipinos are known for their hospitality and easy to socialize and work with. These factors help the Philippines to become an emerging market for outsourcing.


There are approximately only 10% of the population has proficiency in English, which is not a competitive percentage compared to other Asian countries. Despite low proficiency in English, its literacy rate remains quite high. According to UNESCO, 94% of the adults in the country are literate and the number of its annual university graduates is 506,000.


Do you want to talk about countries with dramatic economic growth over the last century? Look no further than Japan. Vietnam is the new software outsourcing “paradise”. This country has one of the most skilled and educated workforces in the world and it’s in the top five when it comes to purchasing power and importing and exporting.

The leap in the IT outsourcing industry in Vietnam

Unlike Thailand, Vietnam’s economy had no chance to develop until 1975, when the war officially ended. However, its GDP was stuck between $200–300 and Vietnam remained one of the poorest countries in the world. This changed only after 1986. After the Đổi Mới, launched in 1986, Vietnam has spurred rapid economic growth both in politics and economy. According to Worldbank, poverty rates declined sharply from over 70% to below 6% (US$3.2/day PPP), and GDP per capita increased by 2.5 times, standing over US$2,500 in 2018.


There are many emerging countries for outsourcing in Asia. The best offshore software development countries for you depends on your needs. Recognizing this potential, AgileTech has a pool of talented and skilled individuals who are capable of outsourcing. We also provide an extensive variety of services from guided development, graphic design to software development, and web development…



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