Top 5 Fleet Management Trends That Will Change Future In 2020!

top fleet management trends 2020, future of fleet management, and innovative fleet management ideas by agiletech

Fleet Management Market Trends

  • Increasing government regulations
  • The need for optimization of fleet operating expenses
  • Decreasing hardware and software costs
  • Growing need for operational efficiency among fleet owners

The Future Of Fleet Management

Top 5 Fleet Management Trends 2020

1. Evolution of 5G network

2. Growth Of Telematics & GPS Tracking

  • Productivity — Which roads are they using? What is the most efficient way to get from A to B? How productivity are your vehicles today? Telematics solution can help business track and improve their efficiency, profitability and safety of their fleet and staff.
  • Safety — Keeping drivers safe not only protects them, but it also helps keep the public safe. It is important that fleet managers are able to check their employees as quickly as possible. So that, telematics also allows insurers to measure driver behavior and manage risk.
  • Management — While tracking maintenance with a spreadsheet, telematics solutions is more efficient and effective. This allows fleet managers to influence driver behaviors, minimize damage, reduce operational costs.
  • Decreasing costs — Telematics can significantly reduce costs such as fuel consumption, and extend the maintenance intervals of heavy-wear parts like brakes and tires.

3. Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS)

  • On-demand transport needs (to complement traditional public transport services)
  • Needs to reduce complexity of end-to-end journeys
  • Opportunities for public transit agencies to deliver more inclusive transport services and reduce transport poverty
  • Enabling digital technologies (consistent with modern lifestyles and adoption of app-based services and ticketing)
  • A Millennial generation embracing the shared economy
top 5 mobility-as-a-service startups impacting the mobility industry moovel immense mobilleo dufl geosure by agiletech

4. Automation vehicles

automation vehicles trends in fleet management by agiletech



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