Super App Strategy: How To Make A Profit From Super Apps

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Super Apps: Why They Matter?

What is super app?

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Standalone App vs Super App Strategy

Instagram case study

The rise of Super App



  • Financial service — GrabPay refers to a collection of all cashless payment methods from your linked ATM card to International Debit Card (Debit Visa/ MasterCard/ Amex/ JCB).
  • Hotel bookings — Grab partnered with Agoda and to allow users to compare prices and book hotels and apartments.
  • Healthcare — Grab formed a joint venture partnership with China’s Ping An to provide integrated medical services such as consultation, medicine delivery, and appointment bookings through an online platform.
  • Food delivery — GrabFood is a food delivery platform that offers the most dependable service providing the widest range of food offerings with best value-for-money and fastest speed of delivery.
  • Parcel delivery — GrabExpress is a on-demand delivery service, with the aim of providing a fast, convenient, safe and affordable on-demand door-to-door delivery service.

So, What Strategy Behind Every Successful Super App

1. Strong core use case

2. Good payment system


3. Third party programs

  •, China’s largest online retailer by revenues, operates several different WeChat mini-programs. The mini-program helps customers in China’s lower-tier cities group-buying, livestreaming, and C2M manufacturing products.
  • Wal-Mart’s mini-program provides wide selection with on-demand delivery services and e-commerce ordering for longer-tail, higher-value products.
  • Rothy’s is one of America’s hottest new sustainable footwear brands. As a direct-to-consumer brand, Rothy’s virtual showroom creates a superior customer experience and helps the brand stand out amidst numerous peers.
  • King Power is Thailand’s largest chain of duty-free stores. Its WeChat mini-program lets tourists pre-order items in advance and pick them up at airport duty-free stores.

How To Get Profit From Super Apps

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  • Companies don’t need to develop their own super apps. Instead, you can join the ecosystems that already exist.
  • Even if you need a standalone app, you can adapt the super app strategy after that.
  • Super apps help earn fees and commissions from transactions, monetization opportunities as well as advertising opportunities.
  • There’s higher user retention. Because super apps offer much more than standalone app, users can comeback for its convenience.
  • From the user’s perspective, you don’t have to download new apps for daily activities.
  • Mini programs require fewer clicks to do a task than a stand-alone app. Because users don’t have to go outside the super app.
  • When comparing to create a single app, the cost, resources, and time in building super app is higher.
  • A great user experience will make your users happier.
  • If your services are too specific, it might not make sense to integrate them into one platform.



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