Super App: 5 Examples Of Super Apps Successful Case

What is Super App?

Super App — Apps Within An App

Do We Need A Super App?

advantages of super app
  • All in one experience in one app
  • A variety of services under one umbrella
  • Saving phone memory
  • Incredible volumes of customer data
  • Marketplace capabilities — third parties join into ecosystems

Successful Case — Examples Of Super App







AgileTech — Super App Platform Services

  • High performance and security together with different types of payment gateways.
  • We have more than 10 available service mini-apps related to entertainment, hotel — travel — flight services, etc.. which are ready to integrate with your Super App to enrich your Super App services.
  • Strong commitment through the warranty period.
  • Accessing to millions of potential users in our Super App ecosystems.
  • Tracking user’s behaviors in each mini-app — Measuring marketing statistics.
  • The portal mini-center interface will manage all mini-app versions of each developer.



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