MoMo Wallet Vietnam: The Super App Reaches 20 Million Users Worldwide

With a total of 20 million users, MoMo wallet is dominating the digital payments in Vietnam. Thanks to the wide range of services it integrates, MoMo E-wallet simplifies the life of Vietnamese users by uniting apps under the same ecosystem.

So, how do users use MoMo? What opportunities are there for cashless payment on this platform? Then, let’s take a closer look at Vietnam e-wallet’s war!

MoMo Wallet Has 20 Million Users

MoMo currently cooperates with 25 banks in Vietnam. The MoMo’s ecosystem is also expanding with more than 20,000 domestic and foreign partners and being accepted in more than 100,000 points of sale across the country.

The E-wallet firm aims to become a regional super app. They also affirmed that in Q4 2020, Vietnamese users will officially experience the Super App on MoMo Wallet platform.

With the integration of big data, AI technology, MoMo super app will help its businesses partners reach a large number of customers more efficiently with lower costs.

Nguyen Manh Tuong, Vice Chairman and President of The Firm

Moreover, as a super app, MoMo E-wallet will help their partners solve the problem of revenue and cost through cutting-edge technology. Not only helping small businesses and start-ups, the super app of MoMo also promote the retail industry and digital transformation of the local economy.

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Recently, MoMo wallet is honored to be awarded as “The most used financial application of 2020” by App Annie.

Additionally, on April 30, MoMo is the only representative of Vietnam to appear in the list of Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Companies of 2020. From capital markets to insurance and digital banking to wealth management, the Fintech 250 are among the most promising of these companies globally.

MoMo E-wallet Pushes For Wider Use Of Cashless Payment

Hanwha Life Vietnam signs strategic cooperation with MoMo e-wallet

With just a few simple taps on their smartphone, the partnership brings convenience to customers. In addition, it also reduces cash transactions, provides comfort and flexibility.

Saigon Co.op & MoMo to push digitalization

Modern payment activities will drive up the rate of cashless transactions through Saigon Co.op facilities, from below 5% to 30%, in the next five years. Aside from the MoMo e-wallet, customers can use bank cards for payments.

Nguyen Anh Duc, Deputy General Director of Saigon Co.op

PVOil & MoMo partner in cashless payments

MoMo’s biggest goal is to serve every essential need of the Vietnamese people. This partnership with PVOil is therefore a great honor for MoMo, bringing modern payment methods to millions of customers of PVOil and MoMo.

Mr. Pham Thanh Duc, CEO of MoMo

The cooperation of FPT IS and MoMo

Mr. Nguyen Ba Diep — Vice Chairman of M_Service said: “Besides creating a convenient payment channel, it also created a closed ecosystem to save time, costs and increase people’s experience with the services.”

Furthermore, hundreds of essential livelihood services in the public service sector have been paid by MoMo Wallet. For example, the administrative procedures allowed to pay online are paying fines for traffic violations, social insurance, health insurance, and so on.

M-Service’s MoMo mobile payment also cooperates with hospitals and schools in promoting electronic payment utilities.

A Closer Look At Vietnam’s E-Wallet War

With the rise of financial technology, Asia is changing the way the world does business. Fintech has seen extraordinary growth in recent years. The rise of super app like WeChat, AliPay take full advantage of emerging new markets.

Let’s see in the picture. This is normally what you see when buying food and beverage in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City now. It’s hard to decide which e-wallet you should choose to discount your drink.

According to the latest research by Cimigo, MoMo, Moca, and ZaloPay are the top three most popular e-wallets in the two main cities in Vietnam. They also account for more than 90 percent of total market share of e-wallet users.

  • MoMo — is one of the oldest players to heat up the e-wallet race in Vietnam. This E-wallet offers to users a variety of promotions. Consequently, MoMo has gained a large number of users. The survey also shows that MoMo is mostly used for money transfers, and utility bill payments.
  • ZaloPay — is built by the top Vietnam’s most popular messenger app called Zalo. Hence, ZaloPay can take advantage of Zalo’s large database and famous brand to acquire new users.
  • Moca — has quickly become a big player because of a strategic partnership with Grab. For that reason, Moca can enjoy a huge advantage of Grab — ride-hailing platform.

As you can see, each e-wallet has its own strength and strategy to step up the game. MoMo is worth as an experience player. Moca is constantly growing with the huge potential of Grab service ecosystem. Meanwhile, ZaloPay takes advantage of the famous Zalo brand.

Vietnam’s online payment booms during COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more Vietnamese people are using Fin-tech because of the fear of the disease spreading through social contact and when dealing with cash.

While, MoMo’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Manh Tuong said the number of new users of mobile wallet went up by 40 percent. In fact, the number of MoMo wallet users has doubled this year from 10 million to 20 million.

ZaloPay has also seen a sudden growth in recent years with an estimated growth rate of 36%.

It is predicted that, after the COVID-19 epidemic, e-payments will grow strongly and replace traditional payment methods in the near future

Truong Cam Thanh, ZaloPay Director

Currently, many people use e-wallet services to pay for a range of services from electricity and water bills to supermarkets. Not only consumers, businesses also encouraged customers to pay with credit cards or e-wallet.

Because it is simple and safe to control our money. Just a few clicks, customers can make online payment, with many incentive programs such as refunds every month from various online payment services.

COVID-19: A growth for Vietnam’s Fintech

Especially, many experts believe that cashless payments in Vietnam have many advantages, such as the young population structure combined with the fast growing economy.

Therefore, non-cash payment will see strong developments in the future. It also means that the competition among Fintech firms will be fiercer. As the result, Vietnamese users will gain more benefits and value.

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But the ratio of cashless payment is not as high as expected. According to GlobalData’s 2019 Banking and Payments Survey, cash is still the most preferred payment mode for e-commerce purchases in Vietnam, accounting for 35.6% in 2019.

Therefore, “The most important task now is how to make customers feel cashless payment is the most beneficial method for them,” said Le Thanh Trung, Deputy CEO of HDBank.

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