Momo E-Wallet | The Rise Of Super App In Viet Nam

momo ewallet the rise of super app in viet nam y agiletech

What is Momo?

Momo E-Wallet provides all smartphone users with one-touch online payment solutions with hundreds of services. Not limited to money transfer, Momo digital wallet expands into bill payments as well as areas like movie tickets, airline flights, etc.

Momo Super App

Following the successful Asian tech players like Tencent’s WeChat, Indonesia’s Go-Jek and Singapore’s Grab, MoMo has rapidly developed into a lifestyle “super-app”. Today, it attracts up to 10,000 partners varying in different fields such as consumer finance, insurance, e-commerce, shopping and transportation.

Top 50 Global Fintech Innovators

MoMo has achieved tremendous success during the past 12 years. For its achievements, Momo is the only Vietnamese representative in the ‘Leading 50’ category. This is the first time a Vietnamese company has broken into this special group, positioned 36th. According to the Fintech 100 report, MoMo grosses over 8 million customers and a growth rate of 15% in monthly transaction volume and user base.

momo ewallet exceed 1 billion daily user

How does Momo become Super Wallet?

Besides exploiting giant customer database, investors are also looking forward to the “super-app” vision of MoMo. Since this e-wallet will meet all daily behaviors through the payment features namely savings, gas stations, schools, hospitals, etc. That is a key infrastructure that empower Momo in growing into an all-in-one everyday super app.

Momo — The leading E-Wallet

Digital wallet is gradually becoming an inevitable trend. Statistics from Ministry of Industry and Trade claimed that: “Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest growth in e-payment in the world, with a rate of about 35% per year.”

  • MoMo has big advantages with 12 million users, 12,000 partners, 100,000 POS
  • MoMo was voted the most popular electronic wallet in Viet Nam in 2019.
  • Has raised $133.8M funding over 3 rounds of fundraising.
  • The company partners with 24 domestic banks and foreign payment networks so far, including MasterCard and Visa.

E-Wallet market battle in Viet Nam

The online payment market in Vietnam has great potential, and now is the ‘golden time’ for e-wallets to develop. According to the State Bank of Vietnam, there are 30 businesses have been granted licenses to provide e-wallets. But only four of them have a higher number of transactions, including MoMo, ZaloPay and AirPay.

AgileTech — Super App Platform Services

AgileTech could help you build your own Super Apps platform with:

  • High performance and security together with different types of payment gateways.
  • We have more than 10 available service mini-apps related to entertainment, hotel — travel — flight services, etc.. which are ready to integrate with your Super App to enrich your Super App services.
  • Strong commitment through the warranty period.
  • Accessing to millions of potential users in our Super App ecosystems.
  • Tracking user’s behaviors in each mini-app — Measuring marketing statistics.
  • The portal mini-center interface will manage all mini-app versions of each developer.



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AgileTech Vietnam

AgileTech Vietnam


A quality outsourcing/offshoring company in Website/Mobile Apps, Blockchain services, AI - big data services. Visit our website: