Location Based App: How To Build a Geolocation App [Full Guide 2020]

The benefits of location based services

advantages of location based services
  • Social interaction — Users can find out the location of their friends, family members, and other users.
  • Source of information — Google Maps provides the nearest place or the best route to a destination.
  • Communication — They also allow users to pin a location, leave feedback as well as update photos and videos.
  • Better targeted ads — Location-based marketing can target more customers.
  • Experience with augmented reality — Pokémon Go is a great fit for augmented reality location-based app.

8 great examples of location-based app

  • Maps and navigation: Google Maps
  • On-demand service: Uber, Grab
  • Augmented reality and games: Pokemon Go
  • Travel apps: TripAdvisor, Booking
  • GPS app for weather forecasting: Yahoo weather
  • E-commerce: eBay, Amazon
  • Dating app: Tinder
  • Finding services: Yelp and Foursquare

Location based app technologies

Outdoor technology


  • Determine a current location quickly
  • High accuracy of GPS about 60 feet
  • Reduce the battery life fast
  • Influence of atmospheric conditions

Cell ID

  • The locating technique is a great choice for large cities.
  • Geolocation function can available even without a GPS signal.
  • But in return, this approach has low position accuracy (several hundred meters).


  • Drains battery slower than GPS.
  • The user’s location can determine quickly with nearby Wi-fi spots.
  • Covering a lower area due to the maximum range of Wi-fi access, compared to GPS.
  • Indoor technology

Indoor technology

  • Detailed information about the location: how geographically close, inside or outside, what time they entered, etc.
  • The geofencing coverage range is up to 500 meters.
  • A lot of business opportunities including marketing and connection with clients.
  • High power consumption.
  • Limited range (minimum 100–150 meters).

iBeacon and Eddystone

  • High detection accuracy
  • Ability to work without the Internet.
  • A small coverage radius.



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