How To Create Hotel Booking System — Build Simple Reservation Software!

What Is Hotel Booking System?

Not only for hotel booking

Hotel booking system is a convenient way for travelers to research and book their holidays or work trips. As well as bookings, you can browse travel websites and look for hotels, flights, car rental, guided tours, attractions, and more…

More than a travel app

Travelers use a wide variety of hotel booking throughout a journey. But a booking app is where you begin your user journey. Since your pre-trip activity revolves around searching / booking flights and accommodation for a stay.

Why Do You Need An Hotel Reservation System?

With an online booking software, hotel owner can control all services and available slots that are booked by guests. An increasing number of travelers are relying solely on online reservations in order to book their accommodations. And without this capability, you will lose a significant amount of business.

So, How To Create Hotel Booking System?

The essential features will follow the user journey which take 3 steps:

  • Search and evaluation
  • Selection
  • Booking / paying / opting out

Features you can’t do without

features hotel booking system

1. Login and registration

Generally, your users would require registering. Registration may be accomplished via social media profiles Facebook account or email.

2. Search box

First things first. With a large inventory, there are 3 parameters that users can usually choose at the first:

  • Destination (city which they are going to visit)
  • Date (time between check in/ check out)
  • Number of people (adults, children,…)
  • Number of rooms (or type of accommodation)

3. Results

What happens next? The screen with results will appear. Let’s take a look at the features that become important at this moment.

4. View accommodation

Come and have a closer look. The results offers a nice looking hotel with affordable price. Guests can’t wait to get more information about it, and then book a room.

  • Overview — all the basic info about a hotel (address, check-in and check-out time…).
  • Photo gallery — high quality pictures.
  • Accommodation offers — a list of photos, descriptions and prices.
  • Additional amenities — other stuff that guests can use (Wi-Fi, A/C).
  • Review — ratings from other users.
  • Map — hotel location and its surroundings.
  • Suggestions — some similar options if the current one does not suit for reason.
  • Social media share — easy way to share offer with your friends.

5. Booking

Lastly, all you need to do is service your customers a fast and secure payment. Provide an automatic printable booking confirmation that includes payment details (a total sum, and payment by days).

Important trends

Keep these trends in mind that are shaping the industry at the moment:

share of mobile internet traffic by region

Mobile bookings continue to rise

The global online travel is growing dramatically. Internet industry has been growing largely due to the shift of traditional agencies from offline to online. In 2019, you simply can’t neglect offering a solid mobile experience. Mobile-optimized website or a partner platform invests in mobile heavily.

Convenience Booking

Today, giving customers the most convenient hotel booking software is important. And technology has been a great facilitator in this area.

Case study — Luxstay

Let’s take a look at successful hotel booking system and find out how they have implemented above features.


At AgileTech, we understand how important direct online hotel booking system is to you and your business. In other words, we use best in industry technology to provide you with an ingenious and powerful online booking system. So that, you will get infinite bookings for zero commission right from your hotel website



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