How to set up an Offshore Development Centre (Dedicated team) in Vietnam

I. What you need to consider




Remote management challenges

ll. Why choose Vietnam to set up an Offshore Development Centre

Do you know Vietnam is the new destination for software outsourcing

A strong engineering workforce

IT has become trendy in Vietnam recently as the Vietnamese believe that technology is the leading field that will provide more work opportunities. Vietnam is in the top 10 countries with the most engineering graduates according to the research of the World Economic Forum in 2015 on 128 countries (Forbes). Graduates now have not only in-depth knowledge but also internationally high-ranked basic academic skills to perform the job professionally.

Business environment

By applying the policy of “multi-lateralization and diversification”, Vietnam has been more open to the regional and global economies and attract much more foreign investments. With low labor costs and continuous effort in improving the conditions, including an update on tax incentives, Vietnam is a strong competitor in bringing to foreign business advantage in cost reduction.

Stable political and socio-economic environment

The economic development of Vietnam mostly thanks to political stability. Unlike some countries in the region, Vietnam has not been through any serious conflict, enabling undisruptive development since 2019. Therefore, many companies have chosen Vietnam to set up Offshore Development Centre, considering that no wars, riots or political conflicts will affect the process of their projects.

III. Checklist to set up an Offshore Development Centre team in Vietnam

Choose the right outsourcing model

Fixed cost model

Choose reliable partners

Have a look at their work history

Get started with your team

First thing first, greeting the offshore team and in-house team.

IV. Why AgileTech Vietnam?

Strictly secured information guarantee

When you work with us on a project, each member of the team will have to sign a contract to assure that there will be no data leakage and no intellectual property rights violation.

Excellent and experienced team

Our team includes a variety of technical experts and specialists with years of experience in software developing and team management.

International experience

Since 2015, we have completed more than 80 projects worldwide and delivered the best products to customers in more than 10 countries, mostly in the U.S, U.K, Germany, France, and Singapore.


These are some facts and our sharings about Offshore Development Centre generally and how it is in Vietnam specifically. We hope this article helps you understand more about how the model works and what you should take into consideration when co-operating with one. We want to hear your opinions on this subject as well, share with us at or (+84) 936 281 059.



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