How To Define Mobile App Development Budget In 3 Steps!

Step 1: Define Purpose

Setting up a mobile app budget is a complicated thing. Especially, it requires an overview and consideration of each and every aspect that involves money.

Make your business more accessible

Whether your business appears physically or in the form of an e-commerce website, you still want to broaden your opportunities.

Turn your idea into reality

You have million-worthy ideas but do not know how to realize it? Don’t worry if you know nothing about software development, there are many IT outsourcing companies are ready to help.

Make your business stand out

As mentioned, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular. You should utilize this great source to bring a better and more convenient experience to your customers.

Engage your customers

With a mobile-friendly experience, your customers will have more touchpoints with your brand. Also, building an app can serve not only your customers but also any potential users.

Select a platform

What platform you choose for your app will directly affect your mobile app budget. The more platforms you choose, the more expensive it will be, obviously.

Choose your developers

When it comes to software development, you have 2 options: hire an in-house team or an outsourcing company. Hiring an in-house team is not an economical option, especially to startups.

Evaluate app’s features

Think about the features you want to develop for your app carefully as it will directly affect your mobile app expense.

Define your revenue

Making an app has no difference from other businesses. A clear revenue will not only prevent you from exceeding your financial budget but also help you make appropriate decisions about your app in the long run.

Step 2: Market Your App

Despite how much money and effort you spend on developing an app, throwing it on the store without marketing will not bring you hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Define the number of installs

To calculate the budget for your marketing, first, you need to define the number of users you want or you can afford to attract.

Define your app’s cost per install

Cost per install (CPI) is a key metric in mobile marketing representing the price required to develop a single installation.

Get your downloads

There are many ways for you to generate your CPI. One way is to hire marketing analysts to take charge of testing the efficiency of your ads on different social channels.

Step 3: Let’s Get Started!

Planning a suitable mobile app budget is never easy. We hope this article can help you understand what to take into consideration.



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