How To Build Progressive Web App: Best Examples & Tools For PWA

What is PWA?

  • Modern, fast and easy to use
  • Responsive: runs on almost devices like desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Secure: is safe due to serving through HTTPS
  • Developed by Google: PWA is great for SEO
  • Regularly communicate: keep updated via push notifications
  • Friendly UI/UX: that engaging the same interaction methodology as a native app has
  • Easy to install: can be shared via a simple link or URL
  • Reliably connected: work offline and on sparse networks

Progressive web app vs Native app

Different language

Lower cost for PWAs

  • The price is cheaper: Depending on the purpose and complexity of the app, this requires a lot of time and money to develop an app in 2020.
  • Progressive web app is faster to build: Instead of developing an app, you can create an progressive web apps with help from Google’s Lighthouse.


  • Native app: you have to develop different platform’s stores like Apple’s App Store, Android’s Play Store,Windows Store and more. But being featured on app stores can help you sales boost quickly.
  • On the other hands, Progressive web apps: support popular browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. So that, you can easily reach more user in short time.


  • Native app cannot be indexed and listed in the search engine. You can help people find your app faster with App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • In contrast, progressive web app works like any website so they can be indexed in search engine. Additionally, this kind of software development has increased performance and engagement.

Good examples of PWA

1. Starbucks

2. Uber

3. Tinder

4. Forbes

5. Pinterest

  • User-generated ad revenue is up to 44%
  • Time spent increase by 40%
  • With an overall 60% increase in user engagement



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