How Flutter Can Reduce Overall App Development Cost?

flutter cross platform framework reduce overall app development cost by agiletech

How Flutter Reduce App Development Cost?

Flutter is now taken advantage of by nearly half a million developers who claim to use it on a monthly basis. (According to Google’s Tim Sneath)

1. Faster Coding With Hot Reload

2. Code Reusability

3. Reduce Testing Time

  • UI. Widget testing is one of the best testing features from this technology.
  • It performs testing at different levels as a unit.
  • Flutter also holds a separate package — Flutter Driver to perform tests easily and effectively.

4. Open Source Framework

5. High Performance

6. Perfect For MVP

  • Attractive designs that attract investors — The Flutter SDK supports Material Design, Cupertino, motion, and visual oriented widgets for both Android and iOS. Developers can customize the widgets to fit their design needs. And because of ginormous UI features and interactive designs, I can attract to investors more.
  • Accelerated development process — Thank to Flutter’s hot reload, developers take significantly lesser time to build an MVP. Overall, this feature makes it much easier to view any changes made in the app simultaneously.
  • Reduce app development cost — With a single code base, Flutter runs on various platforms. This turns out to be easing the process of working on both platforms at a low development cost.

How To Estimate Flutter App Development Cost?

  • Designing
  • Backend
  • Development team
  • Maintenance

UI/UX Design

  • Maybe the icon.
  • The cute cartoon characters that suddenly appears while loading.
  • It can be the subtlest of animations.
  • Or sometimes, the push notifications.


  • You need to have database to store data.
  • Where do you store database? You will need database serves.
  • Moreover, you include functionalities in app by using APIs. With different APIs, it will cost different.

Development Team

  • United States: $50 — $150/hour
  • Western Europe: $40–60/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 — $50/hour
  • Vietnam: $10–25$/hour

Reasons To Consider Flutter To Reduce App Development Cost



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