Flutter Apps Examples: 10 Successful Apps Built Using Flutter!

flutter app examples top successful app built using flutter

Flutter Apps Examples: 10 Amazing Apps Built Using Flutter

Health & Fitness

Reflectly: Self-care journal

“After experimenting with Flutter for a little while I and the team fell in love with the cross-platform consistency, near-instant stateful hot reloading, great tooling and high performance of the platform. Upon deeper inspection of Flutter’s source code, I was delighted to find easy readable and well-documented code.”

said by Daniel Vestergaard, Co-founder & CTO at Reflectly


Google Stadia, Google Ads & Google Assistant



“Yep, we like Hot Reload and Dart. What else can be more fascinating than seeing results right away while editing your code?” — said by Bing Sun, Developer at Alibaba Group.

Social media


“Flutter has a really enthusiastic and helpful community around on Github, Stack Overflow, and Google groups. Also, I need to mention that they have insanely good documentation which made the on-boarding really, really easy.” — said by Abin Baby, Co-founder and Developer at KlasterMe.

Online dating

Paring (app connecting singles)


Hamilton Musical

“We see Flutter as our (increasingly less) secret weapon and a strategic advantage. Our teams move faster, execute better, and have higher morale. Since we only have to build features once, the app is far more consistent on both iOS and Android with less overhead ensuring the consistency.” — a blog post on the Posse Medium account.



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