Flutter App Development — Everything You Need To Know (Updated 2021)

flutter app development advantages and disadvantages in Google IO 2021

What is Flutter?

Flutter app development: Advantages and Disadvantages

Flutter Advantages

1. Faster code writing

2. Quicker time to market

Flutter significantly reduced the time we needed to develop new features from one month down to two weeks. Bruce Chen, Senior Development Engineer, Alibaba

3. Less testing

4. One single code base, for many platforms

Flutter announced their vision for making Flutter the first UI platform designed for Ambient Computing. (Source: Zoey. F)

5. Native performance

6. Beautiful UI

7. Perfect for MVPs

8. Low-cost app development

Flutter disadvantages

1. Small developer community

2. Apps’ size

Why should choose Flutter for cross-platform development?

  • Fewer Development Effort — Cross-platform apps require less effort when comparing with native apps. Because developers can use a single code and reuse it on multiple platforms. Hence, the apps will be developed faster.
  • Less Time In Testing — You don’t need to have separate quality analysts for each platform or multiple devices to check the app. Instead of two versions for Android and iOS, they have to test only one version of the app.
  • Faster Development — What’s more? If you want to customize the app, it is easy for the developers to modify the minor changes in a single code.
  • Less Development Cost — As a result of all the above advantages, cross-platform app development reduces time to market. On the other hand, the cross-platform apps can run on both Android and iOS alike

How Flutter reduce app development cost?

Flutter app examples

  • WeChat super app has over 1.2 billion userbases on Android and iOS uses Flutter.
  • Other popular names like BMW, SHEIN, DiDi, Grab, Alibaba, Reflectly have Flutter-based apps.
  • Innovative apps such as Kite (investment trading app) and Wombo (singing selfie app) are built using the Flutter framework.
  • Toyota is bringing Flutter to their next-gen vehicle infotainment systems.
  • Samsung is porting Flutter to Tizen (a Linux-based Operating System) with an open-source repository.

Flutter vs React Native: Which one is better?




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