E-commerce Website Cost: How To Build A Profitable Online Store?

ecommerce website cost and successful online store for business by agiletech software development company

Ecommerce Website Cost: Factors To Consider

  • Vendor type (such as in-house, outsourcing, freelance) or vendor’s location, portfolio, etc.
  • Domain name and website hosting
  • Number of website functionalities
  • Complexity of website design
  • Marketing and SEO
ecommerce website core features

How Much Does It Cost To Design eCommerce Website?

  • Number of web pages.
  • Ecommerce UX design for buyers and paying customers.
  • Templates and themes to apply to an ecommerce project.
  • Level of customized design to fit the individual site.
  • Website responsiveness for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Develop a custom unique design
  • Purchase a ready-made design template

Ecommerce Website Templates For Your Online Store

Advantages of custom eCommerce themes:

  • Pre-made eCommerce templates are available at affordable rates.
  • On the other hands, even some templates at high cost are usually under $100.
  • They can fulfill all your requirements.
  • Such templates do not require any development time and can apply right after you have purchased them.

Top E-commerce website templates

Develop A Custom Ecommerce Website Design

Minumum e-Commerce Web Design Cost

Ecommerce Website Cost: Number Of Functionalities

  • Market research
  • Product backlog development
  • UX/UI design
  • Project management
  • Early planning sprint of the development stage
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Testing
  • Project management
  • Team review

The most important features of an eCommerce platform

  • Register/ Login — Users can register/login to your e-commerce platform with an email or a social network account.
  • Product navigation — Ideally, it should be intuitive and obvious. So they can navigate the site without any effort at all.
  • Product search — The search box allows buyers filter by product parameters as category or sorting by price.
  • Basic product page — Users can see product page such as image, description, price and adding to cart
  • Product reviews — Every e-commerce website needs a clear product review (e.g starring, text reviews, and average review)
  • Shopping cart — A well-designed shopping cart is a must-have for all online shops. The purpose is to quickly and efficiently add items, remove items, change the amount of each item.
  • Payment gateway — There are a large number of factors including the payment methods supported, the fees, and the geographical location of your customers.
  • Site security — At a minimum, their payment information must be effectively and vigilantly protected.

The Domain Name And Website Hosting

Domain name for eCommerce business

Ecommerce website hosting for small business

  • Shared-hosting — the most simple one. Its provider you’ve opted allocates the necessary resources, and you pay a certain amount of money every month. The user of such a shared system has the opportunity to download files via FTP, as well as through the special panel.
  • VPS/VDS — Virtual Private/Dedicated Server is a hosting technology with several isolated virtual machines on a single physical server. You as its user gets the right to control all the process at the root-user level. This is a very good option for e-commerce website development.
  • Dedicated server — The client gets the physical machine, which has certain characteristics and locates in a specially equipped data-center. Typically, big portals with a large number of visitors choose the dedicated server.

Cost of eCommerce Website Based on Development Vendor


Custom software development company (like AgileTech)

  • You’ll have a dedicated team to the web project, including a project manager, web developer, and development team.
  • In the same way, each team member will bring a different set of skills to the project.
  • The development vendor also help you create a wireframe for the website and design UI/ UX that fit your need.

How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost For Minimal Version?



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