Cost To Build An Online Marketplace: How To Create Successful Website!

how to build online marketplace website

Technology stack for building an online marketplace

  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • WebStorm
  • Node.js
  • EC2
  • MySQL
  • Swagger
  • Express 4
  • Sequelize
  • S3
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Amazon SES
  • Twilio

Core features for MVP marketplace

1. Easy registration process

  • Email address, first name and password
  • Or sign up via Google, Facebook
  • Term of use and Privacy policy

2. User profile

  • See detailed information about customers and sellers
  • Update profile including delivery address, payment method, change password, etc,
  • See order history or order in process
  • Change account settings like company name, phone number, address
  • Add link to social media, ratings/ reviews

3. Homepage

Homepage from Airbnb
  • Simple navigation, personalized search box and beautiful image on web
  • Add last watched products to help customers buy faster
  • Another, add list of popular products
  • Or, testimonial section telling to develop trust among the visitor

4. Manage listings (for sellers)

  • Filter listings of products
  • Listing search
  • Detailed information about listing
  • Add a new listing
  • View, remove, manage product listings
  • Publish or draft a listing

5. Flexible payment system

  • Payment details: transaction history, the quantity of services and normal payment
  • Manage payment technique: add, remove, update payment method



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