App Like Airbnb | How To Build Apps Similar To Airbnb 2020

  • “Global digital travel sales have figured to grow to 755.94 billion U.S. dollars in 2019” — according to Statista
  • Fast forward today, Airbnb has approximately 150 million users covering more than 65,000 cities.
  • In Q2 of 2019, Airbnb reported that it had made more than $1 Billion in revenue.

The Airbnb Story

How Does Airbnb Work For Hosts And Travelers

For Travelers

  1. Users create a profile on Airbnb and provide information and go through verification like a profile picture and ID
  2. After that, search through dozens of filters like area, space, and number of guests to accommodate.
  3. Additionally, make sure you put the correct dates and number of guests to have the best price.
  4. Still, guest requests for a stay is always up to the host — and once you receive a confirmation, you will be able to deal directly.
  5. It’s required to pay for a reservation using the service.
  6. The final step is traveling and enjoying the stay!
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For Hosts

  1. If you have a room to rent, you will have to register your listing on Airbnb.
  2. After that, the host can outline certain specifications like area, size, number of rooms, and other details on your listing.
  3. Then go to the “List Your Space” section and describe what kind of lodging you are listing.
  4. When the guest requests a stay, you will be able to deal directly with.
  5. If everything is fine, the host approves the stay. But, Airbnb handles the payments but holds onto the host’s payment until 24 hours after check in.
  6. The renter needs to confirm that your listing is as good as expected.

How To Make An App Like Airbnb

Step By Step Make Apps Like Airbnb

Core features for guests and hosts


  • Log in/ Sign up: Users will first have to register themselves. But to make the log-in process even more seamless, your app like Airbnb should include log-in via social profiles, like Facebook or Google+.
  • Manage account: The user can edit manage and update their profile information, for example, email id, mobile number, date of birth, gender, permanent address, etc. whenever they wish to do. They can also change their account password as per their convenience.
  • Search & discover: Filter by parameters like dates, type of accommodation, budget,… Here, travelers choose the destination and the room they like.
  • Property information: Before booking a specific hotel, apartment or house, detailed information can be viewed.
  • Wish list: In case users missed out a place where they wanted to book.
  • Chat window: Travelers can receive information and communicate to hosts about the place.
  • Chat & push notifications: Airbnb offers instant chat notifications like any other messaging application.
  • Maps: Maps have significantly simplified the booking process for Airbnb users. All available rentals are then showcased on the map.
  • Reviews & rates: The lifeblood of any booking app like Airbnb. Users can review the places and hotels they stayed at directly on the profile of hosts.
  • Payments mode: Completely secure payment methods and payment gateways for each booking option.


  • Log in: As travelers, before becoming a property host at the app, users will have to register themselves as hosts.
  • Add properties: In this section, hosts make a list of the accommodation they offer, the number of guests they can accommodate, sleeping arrangements, and address,… Or, they can describe what type of experience they can provide to guests, their location and their language.
  • Pricing: The hosts can update and add different pricing options for each property.
  • Booking listing: Hosts can manage upcoming bookings, which are showcased against each date of the month.
  • Messaging feature: The chat interface allows hosts and guests to connect freely.
  • View ratings: Hosts too can review and rate their guests as per their behaviour and conduct.
  • Payments mode: Completely secure payment methods and payment gateways for each booking option.

Tech stack for apps like Airbnb

Luxstay — An App Like Airbnb

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Why Choose Us To Create App Like Airbnb

The Expertise We Have

The Process We Follow

How To Create An App Like Airbnb With Affordable Cost?





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