App Development Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

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App development cost: Major factors

Below we have gathered a table of 5 factors to help you understand the app development cost with the estimated number of hours. So that, you will have a clear picture of how much time and money it would take!

Platform (iOS vs. Android)

Is there any difference in app development cost based on different platforms? Sure. They are based on different programming language, SDKs and tools. For example, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android. But if you want to build both, the total app development cost will higher.

  • iOS: ~ 408 hours
  • Android: ~ 432 hours

Native app, Hybrid app and Flutter

These different types of apps are not priced equally. If you want to develop a native app, you’ll have to make another decision on iOS or Android. For a hybrid platform, you can launch both Apple and Android apps, which is much easier and less expensive for you.

  • iOS: ~ 440 hours
  • Android: ~ 435 hours
  • Flutter: ~ 530 hours

Complexity of Features

Our dedicated team finds that estimates cost also based widely on app features, design complexity, and software development stages.

  • Basic messaging app: ~ 160 hours
  • Complex messaging app: ~ 360 hours

UI/UX Design

The app market is competitive. Whether your app is, the first impression counts. Graphic design is important and user experience is everything. Great app designers can make your app look so good from 20–200+ hours, which depends on the app.

Software Outsourcing Company

Finally, your tech partner’s location also affects mobile app development costs. Outsourcing in emerging Asian countries like Vietnam will save your budget more, while the quality is still the same.

How to define app development costs

After understanding all these factors, next question is how to calculate cost to develop an app? How is the pricing structure of app development? Let’s have a look with us!

Mobile app cost calculator

There are many handy cost calculator tool for app development cost. You just need to select the app features, platform, describe your app idea.

formula of app development cost

Define the right price models

After calculating these costs, you should think about how to reduce your average app development cost. Dive in tips to reduce your app development budget.

price model in outsourcing agiletech

Fixed Price

  • Perfect solution for short-term projects
  • Consumer and vendor agree on a steady ‘fixed price’ for the service
  • The price is estimated by outsourcing company based on the well-defined scopes
  • However, there is little flexibility under this contract

Time & Materials

  • Ideal for long-term cooperation
  • The customer pays the outsourcing partner for work time and used materials
  • On the other hand, it allows a great level of flexibility in development

Dedicated Team Development

  • Usually used for long-term projects with changeable conditions and scale
  • The whole team is in one place, no delays to begin, no misunderstanding and cost savings
  • Being highly motivated, offshore developers quickly react to any issues and changes



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