flutter app development advantages and disadvantages in Google IO 2021

Do you want to develop mobile apps more quickly? And to reduce costs with cross-platform development? Of course, you are. That’s why in this article, we will give everything you need to know about Flutter App Development — from the app owners’ perspective.

What is Flutter?

First, here is the basic (a.k.a essential ) knowledge about Flutter app development.

Let’s put ourselves into the mind of a mobile app developer. You built a cool app and everyone loves this. But there is just one problem, it’s only on iOS. …

iot solutions for fleet management, 7 reasons why iot fleet management improves safety and efficiency

The growth of IoT devices has brought many benefits to fleet management industry. Not only offering an opportunity to connect fleets, IoT fleet management system also give fleet managers a detailed insights into their operations, allowing for better business strategy.

The buzz surrounding Internet of Things has largely grown from the excitement around the potential knowledge. According to a 2019 report from MarketsandMarkets, the IoT fleet management market is supposed to reach $8.28 billion by 2021. To take the advantage of this new technology, let’s find out the definition of IoT fleet management and how does it hep.

What is IoT Fleet Management?

IoT —…

siêu ứng dụng, top 8 super app hàng đầu châu á, cuộc chiến super app tại Việt Nam

Trong những năm gần đây, siêu ứng dụng (super app) đã và đang bùng nổ và phát triển mạnh mẽ ở Châu Á. Những siêu ứng dụng thành công có thể kể đến như WeChat, AliPay, Grab, GoJek, MoMo, ZaloPay,…

Super app là ứng dụng tất cả trong một (all-in-one app). Một siêu ứng dụng là nền tảng tích hợp đa dịch vụ. Không chỉ cung cấp dịch vụ như gọi xe, đặt đồ ăn online, thanh toán trực tuyến, mô hình này đang trở thành một phần thiết yếu cuộc sống nơi người dùng có thể chuyển tiền, thanh…

how does doordash work, business model and revenue source of doordash, how does on-demand app make money

DoorDash has grown rapidly into the on-demand food delivery market. Food delivery app DoorDash has outpaced GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and other players with an estimated 35% marketshare. If you are planning to build your on-demand app like DoorDash, let’s find a quick answer to all the questions. How does DoorDash work? Which business model they follow? How do they generate revenue?

In this article, we will reveal in-depth knowledge of the DoorDash business model as well as how DoorDash works for dashers and restaurants to achieve massive success in rapidly-expanding field.

But before that, let’s start simple!

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is…

Super App becomes a popular buzzword worldwide. WeChat and AliPay are cited as the most super apps successful cases that serving multiple needs like messaging, ordering food and groceries, calling a taxi, paying bills, etc. Super app like Grab and Go-Jek also implement the same strategy of do-everything platforms in Southeast Asia. And, it will be a big mistake if we don’t talk about super app in India. Tata group plans to launch a super app that will bring all its offerings.

Let’s begin!

What is everyday super app?

Originally, a super app is many apps within an umbrella app. As the name suggest, it…

super app strategy, grab super app strategy, understanding super app strategy in southeast asia, wechat case study

Super App is the great buzzword in technology era. In China and Southeast Asia, the rise of super app has created noise from e-commerce, trading, entertainment to transportation. It is at every day of your daily life. No matter where you are, missing this new technology trend is is a big mistake. So that, in this article, we will give you the super app strategy that are adopted by Grab, WeChat, GoJek, AliPay, etc. Besides, we also share some common challenges and how to overcome as well.

Super Apps: Why They Matter?

The rise of super app is changing the way the world does business…

flutter advantages, flutter benefits for mobile app development, why using flutter for your next project,

What’s the big deal about Flutter App Development? One of the biggest advantages of Flutter is cross-platform development, which developers can build attractive apps in iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

In addition, Flutter programming saves more time and money than native development. Because you don’t have to hire two development teams to build two different platform for Android and iOS.

Are you still wondering why everyone keeps talking about Flutter? Why should you use Flutter for your next project? Or What are Flutter’s advantages can help your business growth?

No matter who you are — a CTO, a startup founder…

in house vs outsourcing, pros and cons of in-house vs outsourced software development, in-house vs outsource vs freelance

Imagine that you have a great idea for a software startup. You want to build your product fast, high quality, and keep the budget low. But how to turn the idea into reality? How to choose between in-house vs outsourcing software development? What are the advantages and disadvantages of two approaches? Continue reading to find out more.

You’ll need to find out the right development team. More importantly, you need to decide to hire in-house developers or outsource software development for reducing additional expenses.

In fact, it’s hard to tell in-house development or outsourcing is right for you. Because each…

flutter developers, flutter app development, how to hire flutter development team without tech expertise, agiletech

Recently, Flutter app development has been a buzz in technology-driven era. Because this framework allows developing an cross-platform app to save money, and scaling up current developers’ team. Sometimes, software development companies hire Flutter developers to power their clients project.

So, if your are a business owner, you may be wonder many questions such as:

  • How to hire Flutter developers when you don’t have any technology knowledge?
  • What are some Flutter interview questions?
  • What skills does a Flutter developer need?
  • Additionally, how much does it cost to hire Flutter developers? (Flutter programmer salary based on different countries)

Shall we start…

With a total of 20 million users, MoMo wallet is dominating the digital payments in Vietnam. Thanks to the wide range of services it integrates, MoMo E-wallet simplifies the life of Vietnamese users by uniting apps under the same ecosystem.

So, how do users use MoMo? What opportunities are there for cashless payment on this platform? Then, let’s take a closer look at Vietnam e-wallet’s war!

MoMo Wallet Has 20 Million Users

Mobile wallet and digital payment app MoMo had signed up a total of 20 million users in early September. From its debut in 2010 to 2015, MoMo E-wallet stands at 500,000. …

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