5+ Top Mobile App Development Trends 2020 To Watch Out!

mobile app development trends 2020

Artificial Intelligent & Machine Learning

It’s no doubt to say that AI is the future of technology, and ML has revolutionized the way machines interact with human. Thus, the gap between humans and machines has bridged by technology, since it has been helping people’s lives with different business processes.

the future of Ai
  • API for Face Detection: finds human faces in photos, videos, or live streams.
  • Text Analyst API: recognizes text in any Latin based language.
  • Barcodes API: detects barcodes in real-time in any orientation.


Chatbots will be another Top Mobile App Trends in 2020. There are various ways to utilize chatbots. Using chatbots in a B2B field, customers can get faster responses and be expected to be answered 24/7. Thus, a lot of enterprises have already applied chatbots into their routine tasks.

Instant Apps

Having multiple apps installed on our smartphones, but we rarely use all of them? Unused apps end up eating valuable storage space on devices. Then, a convenient solution is instant apps.

  • Making it easy for users to try an app before hitting the download button.
  • The user’s feedback is completely spontaneous.
  • Broadening your user base and give an equally good experience to people using low-end devices.
  • Social sharing is one of the biggest advantages of instant apps.

IoT in Mobile App Trends

According to the latest stats, the IoT global market can grow to around $1.6 trillion in 2025. Smart is getting even smarter. IoT is a rising mobile app trend, which bring in the evolution of controlling non-connecting things.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are not only more flexible and convenient, but also extra safe and ready to be connected to any of your banks. These latest trends in mobile app development have made people’s life easier with the convenience of paying through clicks rather than standing in long-awaiting queues.

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