2020 Web Development Trends: Top 8 Technologies To Expect!

Progressive Web Apps

Apparently, Progressive Web Apps is one of the most impactful web development trends. Not only a webpage, but it also offers traditionally available to native apps such as push notifications, offline access, hardware access, etc. Therefore, a PWA supports interactions, resulting in more friendly users experience. In fact, dynamic web applications are on the way to expand change and improve the utilization of destinations on mobile phones.

  • Flexibility
  • Offline access
  • No poor experience, no slowness
  • Provide native-like experience for the users on all platforms
  • Angular
  • React
  • Polymer

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is trying its best hand to develop websites that load fast and work seamlessly on mobile devices. At the same time, it always prefers websites with rich content such as videos, animation, and graphics. An accelerated mobile page (AMP), which loads faster than regular HTML, can strike a balance between these seemingly contrary requirements. AMP works perfectly for blogs and news publishers through fancy elements and displays only the essential information.

  • Most web app users access through cell phones
  • Low page load speed leading users to abandon easily
  • SEO and app advertisement are your main goal
  • AMP HTML takes 0.7 seconds to load, whereas, non-AMP pages take 22 seconds
  • Google officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results
  • Designed in order to work smoothly on mobile devices.

Voice Search Optimization

  • One of the main trends in eCommerce
  • Ease of use voice interfaces
  • Affordability for children and elders can interact with voice search

Responsive Websites

While new technologies like PWA or AMP are being populated, there are other web development trends not replacing — Responsive Web design. You can realize that the rise in the number of smartphone users grows rapidly. So that, it is important to design websites such that they perform equally well on mobile phones.

Push Notifications

Next, push notifications are also powerful tools for enhancing user experience. Traditionally, mobile apps have flexible notifications. And now, web apps can gain momentum here as well. Deliver different information (new blog post, clothing you liked back in stock, etc.)? All this is possible with no need of registering via notifications.

  • An effective way to get the viewer’s attention
  • Pays off the moment when catching user’s eyes
  • Provide a win-win situation through quick information
  • Clevertap
  • Pushpro
  • Webengage

API First Development

An API First Development Approach means that everything that goes around a project or product development will be consumed by mobile devices. So, the APIs will be used by client applications. With developers in mind, building on top of API is actually saving a huge volume of workload. It’s no surprise that these current trends in website development considering the rise of mobiles, wearables, and other devices.

  • Development teams can work in parallel
  • Reduces the cost of mobile app development
  • Speeds time to launch your products to market
  • Reduces the risk of failure
  • Your API is the first user interface and interaction for your app
  • API comes first, then the implementation
  • Self-descriptiveness

AI-Powered Chatbots

This is a popular web development trend in 2019 and still successful until 2020. Chatbots powered with AI and machine learning will help in generating more traffic and make the site even more appealing. Building a chatbot is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website.

  • Makes a huge difference in the web development
  • Guarantees customer engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Improves the reach and accessibility of products and services
  • Non-coding chatbot platforms: Chatfuel, Botsify, KIIT.AI, etc,.
  • Coding chatbot for website: IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, Wit.ai, etc,.

Motion UI

Lastly, motion UI is the enormous trend that a web developer can follow this year. With regards to building a web site, illustrations, text styles, and structures are really valuable. Minimalistic design coupled with sophisticated interactions also looks good and draws user attention. There are many other UI designs will help your web app rank higher in Google search results.

  • Adds animations: nice hovers, animated charts, modular scrolling, etc,
  • Reacts to users interface with catchy motion
  • Works flexibility with any JavaScrip framework



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